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Partner with us to:

  • Introduce continuous representative data collection
  • Ensure high frequency measurement to detect meaningful clinical change
  • Incorporate objective assessment of therapeutic progression and minimise subjectivity
  • Model individual disease trajectory and precisely predict prognosis
  • Understand causal relationships between genetics, environment & disease
  • Minimise the gap between real world & clinical trials data

Industry partners

Partner to co-develop digital solutions for evidence generation in your clinical trials

Scientific partners

Improve your research with our data modelling and product development capabilities

Patient communities

Enable participation in ground breaking remote research

Digital Measurement Opportunities:


  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Acute neurology and stroke
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Cognitive function across therapeutic areas
Looking for the right partner

We adhere to and apply the most relevant and stringent security and privacy standards for each project, including:

Why HealthMode?

  • Unique capabilities in the development of digital measures
  • Exceptional machine learning, artificial intelligence,
    and application development
  • Agility in the execution of studies and collaboration
    with clinical sites worldwide
  • Regulatory and market access expertise in multiple geographies

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