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Partner with us to:

  • Introduce continuous representative data collection
  • Ensure high frequency measurement to detect meaningful clinical change
  • Incorporate objective assessment of therapeutic progression & minimise subjectivity
  • Understand causal relationships between genetics, environment & disease
  • Minimise the gap between real world & clinical trials data
  • Model individual disease trajectory & precisely predict prognosis

Industry partners

Partner to co-develop digital solutions for evidence generation in your clinical trials

Scientific partners

Improve your research with our data modelling & product development capabilities

Patient communities

Participate in ground breaking remote research

Digital Measurement Opportunities:

  • respiratory

    Cough and other symptoms in respiratory dieases

    • Continuous monitoring of cough, respiratory activity, and adverse events
    • Novel audio data collection method currently in clinical studies
    • Automatic cough frequency calculation using machine learning models
    • Measurement of novel cough characteristics: quality, clustering, timing
  • gastrointestinal

    Stool monitoring in gastrointestinal diseases

    • Real-time long-term continuous assessment of bowel sounds
    • Continuous monitoring of GI adverse events and tolerability of drug candidates
  • Psychiatry

    Behavioral changes in psychiatric disorders

    • Fine-grained phenomenology for diagnostic categorization
    • Real-time measurement of changes associated with and predictive of relapse
    • Recognition and detection of subclinical mood states
    • Model the interplay of mood, behavior, impulsivity, and cognitive performance
  • oncology

    Performance status in oncology

    • Quantitative and auditable assessment of patients’ performance status
    • Continuous, longitudinal, real-world clinically relevant data
    • Improve survival with real-time summative measures of disease
    • Identify and intervene for high-risk events
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Why HealthMode?

  • Unique capabilities in the development of digital measures
  • Exceptional machine learning, artificial intelligence
  • Agility in the execution of studies & collaboration with clinical sites worldwide
  • Regulatory & market access expertise in multiple geographies

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